Temple of Hercules, work in progress. Rough edit.
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This is a rough, illustrative edit of the project Temple of Hercules.

The footage was shot in Celje, Slovenia, on a clockwork Bolex 16mm camera. I subsequently wrote the voiceover and recorded it in a number of acoustic locations. It is spoken by artist Helen Sharp. The film opens and closes with views of a ruined Temple of Hercules. This footage is combined with natural features (trees, meadows, flowers) and with modern and contemporary architecture. Shapes, both natural and manmade, are repeated and overlaid.

The music is by Stuart Watson; it is a processed sound derived from the piano and violin version of Arvo Pärt’s ‘Fratres’.

The piece is intended as a performance in which all the elements are combined live: the video clips are cued and mixed live, the voiceover is spoken live, the chords of ‘Fratres’ are played live by a pianist and then all the audio elements are processed live by Watson.

In this edit, the video loop is 10 minutes in length.

© Daniel Jewesbury