A series of photographic diptychs designed to accompany the film Landscape with Woman and Monument. The photos were shot with a Mamiya RB67 in Gothenburg, in one weekend, at the end of October 2020.

click the image above to see a preview of the full series of images

The images show construction and demolition sites, as well as sites zoned for future development. Contemporary Gothenburg, a massive construction site, reveals itself as a set of future ruins, with forms that seem, quite by coincidence, to echo classical architecture.

Sequenced into a series of 12 diptychs, the photographs will be inkjet-printed on thin paper.

Currently I'm experimenting with different overprinting techniques using different inks. I envisage printing the images in black ink, on black paper, for the final series, with some colour overlays.

composite image showing combinations of different inks and papers: yellow overprinted on black ink, on black paper; black ink on black paper; black ink on beige paper.

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